To provide services with the highest level of professionalism.

To invest in technology, improve quality, accuracy, reliability and timeliness.

To maintain a commitment to patient care.


ICON offers cutting-edge technologies to give our physician clients the tools to function efficiently.

​ICON offers numerous options for report access and retrieval, such as:

Secure Online web-reporting...

Advanced Information Technology

ICON offers industry-leading standards such as 24-hour turnaround time for results, extensive panel of testing resources, personalized attention to workflow customization catered to meet your office needs, and online web-reporting access available in your office.

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ICON is a committed partner to your anatomic pathology needs.  Our mission is to build and develop strong relationships with our physician clients to attain optimal results and satisfaction.  We provide rapid, personalized and streamlined solutions that can meet all service challenges. Our flexibility and customizable solutions give our physician clients the comfort of knowing that all of their needs are met.


ICON has access to a panel of pathologists board certified in subspecialties that work in conference to diagnose and review unique cases for second opinions.​..

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